Here’s what one of Bobby Hood’s recent SAT tutoring students had to say:

“I got my SAT scores back for the January test and I got a 2270 total score!  800(!) in reading, 740 in math, and 730 in writing!  Thank you again for all your help!” — Diana

This is just one of many similar success stories from Bobby’s students — perhaps you could be on this list too!

SAT Tutoring with Bobby Hood

Bobby Hood is an online tutor for the SAT. He focuses on critical thinking and a mindful approach to the SAT that will help you quickly and efficiently move to your highest potential score.

In 2014, Bobby achieved a perfect 2400 SuperScore on the previous version of the SAT, and in 2016, Bobby achieved a Superscore of 1780 (790 Math and 790 Verbal) on the revised SAT. In high school, Bobby was a National Merit Finalist, and was awarded a full-tuition National Merit Scholarship to TCU.

Bobby Hood began tutoring in 2011, and quickly became one of the nation’s most sought-after SAT tutors. Bobby tutors high school students all over the nation one-on-one for the SAT through his personal online tutoring classroom. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

How should you prepare for college?

How do you get a perfect score on the SAT, as I did?

To get the highest scores, you need very strong grammar and reading comprehension skills, as well as strong math skills.

Reading for fun starting at an early age is essential. It also helps to do crossword puzzles and math puzzles. But simply having good verbal skills and math skills won’t get you that high score. You need to know the tricks of the test to get into those high percentiles.

Consider this: the SAT tests Algebra, advanced math, arithmetic, trigonometry, and geometry. Most of this is math you will have covered by the time you are a junior or senior in high school.

So why aren’t you getting a perfect score on the SAT math section? Probably not because you don’t know the math. Instead, it’s because you don’t realize that the SAT math section is just as much about careful reading skills and good pacing skills as it is about knowing math.

For example, you come to a math question, and you know how to solve it, but it’s going to take you five minutes to solve it. And if you do that, you will run out of time to finish the remaining problems.

What you need are strategies, such as math tricks for doing the questions quickly and easily rather than slowly and laboriously. A student with advanced math skills can often focus too hard on “completely solving” the problem, rather than simply finding the answer among the choices given.

Similarly, in the Verbal section of the SAT, it’s very tempting to spend a lot of time reading and understanding the details of passages, when instead you should be spending your time focusing on the questions and answer choices and searching the passage to find proof that matches the correct answer, as well as reasons to mark off the incorrect answers.

Tutoring with me works well not just because I achieved a perfect score on the SAT, but also because I am good at communicating  with students — explaining simple and effective strategies that you will understand, in ways that are interesting and memorable.

I specialize in helping strong students take their scores from good to great, or from great to perfect (or, more typically, almost perfect). I tutor students from all over the nation one-on-one in my personal online classroom.

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Why is online tutoring better than in-person tutoring?

I have found that for almost all of my students (even those who live near me), online tutoring is significantly superior to face-to-face tutoring. In an online classroom, you and I talk to each other, but instead of looking at each other, we work through questions displayed on a shared whiteboard. We work the questions together and I make notes about the strategies you should use.  At the end of the session, you save all the slides as a PDF file for later review.

When I used to do a significant amount of face-to-face tutoring, I realized that in person, students have to divide their attention between discussing and working the questions, listening to what I’m saying, and taking notes on what I’m saying. In online tutoring, you can focus directly on understanding and working the questions, knowing that the notes and strategies will all be saved as a PDF file for later review. It’s more efficient, and provides a better value for the money spent on tutoring.

When should you take the SAT?

Most high school students take the PSAT in the spring of their junior year of high school, and then take the SAT during the fall of their senior year. Many parents (and students) think that since this is when the tests are offered to students, that’s when they should be taken, or the only time they should be taken. However, you can definitely start earlier if you wish!

As a seventh-grade student, I had the opportunity to take the SAT as part of Duke University’s “Talent Identification Program”, which administers the SAT to seventh graders in 13 states, including Texas, each year. And we learned that you can take it whenever you like! So, I took it again in 9th grade, and again in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. My score increased each time, as a result of learning more math and increasing my proficiency at English and my vocabulary over the years. But part of that score improvement was simply the experience of taking the test multiple times. After you’ve taken it a couple of times, the anxiety of test-taking goes down a good deal.

I encourage students to take the SAT in 10th or 11th grade — it will give you a benchmark as to how much preparation will be helpful and needed; it will likely increase your score on the PSAT when you take it junior year (and that’s the test that the National Merit Scholarship is based on); and it will also give you an indication as to whether the ACT might be a better choice, since it includes a broader range of material (particularly science).

Should you take the SAT or the ACT? Or both?

Which test is best for you? You won’t know until you’ve tried both of them. But you don’t have to take a full practice SAT and a full practice ACT to find out. Contact me and I’ll send you practice tests to take so that you can decide which one will be better. Prep should start during 11th grade (or before), so that you can take the test multiple times and aim for the highest possible score.

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